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Our Conservation Model

Birds and wildlife in the Bahía de Banderas - Sierra de Vallejo region in the states of Jalisco and Nayarit currently face multiple challenges due to accelerating habitat loss.

The main threats to birds and their habitats in the region are: the loss of habitats caused by the expansion of infrastructure associated with the growth of population centers driven by the growing tourism industry; the extraction of wild flora and fauna for illegal trade, climate change, among other multiple threats.


In order to advance in the conservation, protection, restoration and sustainable use of wild bird populations and their habitats, it is necessary to implement long-term strategies that integrate effective plans and coordinated actions aimed at involving locals and visitors as part of the solution.

The non-profit organization San Pancho Bird Observatory (SPBO) advances the conservation of birds and their habitats through strategic alliances that integrate environmental education and training programs focused on generating a culture of interest, care and respect for nature; helping to create a new generation of community nature guides who contribute to the sustainable development of their communities byconnecting with them to the nature tourism industry.



We develop alliances that involve multiple sectors of society and use scientific monitoring and research as tools that promote knowledge and strengthen decision-making in favor of the conservation of sites of importance for biodiversity and community sustainability.