Testimonial Visit of 60 Kearney members to the San Pancho Bird Observatory August 6, 2022

        “With great enthusiasm and energy, the Kearney-Mexico team made its visit to support the San Pancho Bird Observatory to remove water lilies in the San Pancho beach estuary on August 6, 2022. The removal of the lilies is crucial since it alters the fish ecosystem. The team removed more than 15 tons during the visit in about 3 hours.

The leadership of Luis Morales - Director of the Observatory - provided great motivation by explaining both the ecological problem and the barriers they face to solve it more effectively, which result from regulatory, funding and operational aspects. At the same time, Luis organized us to make the cross fit fun and with team spirit.

Our reflection as a group was that this first contact raised our awareness and as Kearney we will continue to support the Observatory to reach a solution in a structured and sustainable way.

All of us at Kearney are very grateful for the contact and the facilitation. First of all, we want to thank Claudia Marin, Director of Fejal, for introducing us to Alejandra Rivera, Director of the Punta de Mita Foundation, and Gricelda Orozco, Director of Development of this Foundation, who were the link with their ally, the San Pancho Bird Observatory.

In short, a great initiative and a powerful network of Foundations to provide solutions that make a difference… A thousand thanks from the Kearney team”.