Through our community outreach programs we contribute to inform, educate and raise awareness among the local population about the close relationship between the health of ecosystems, the well-being of birds and human beings.

Our community development strategy focuses on including as many people as possible, whether as service providers for the growth of eco-tourism, as donors to our work, as volunteers in our bird conservation programs, or as our clients on the tours we offer.

Our biodiversity conservation strategy is community based, as we know that it is through conservation initiatives that we can truly make a difference for birds and their habitats.

We know from experience that creating jobs and educational opportunities for local people is the best way to create a positive impact for birds and their habitats as well. This synergy can be a powerful formula for local politicians, sponsors and decision makers in the management of natural resources to tilt their sights towards conservation actions.

PAU Urban Bird Program

Christmas Bird Count

World Migratory Bird Day