Birds Welfare and Inclusion 2022

  • This year our "Birds, Inclusion and Health 2022" program was aimed at generating new teaching materials as well as disseminating existing materials to promote the inclusion of blind, silent and disabled people.

  • For this program we collaborated with volunteers from the Urban Birds Program chapters Ciudad Guzmán, Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas, DIF Puerto Vallarta, University of Guadalajara CUC and CUCSUR, Arkos Valarta High School; Los Mangos A.C. Library, Fundación EDIN A.C. Red Altruista Vallarta A.C: with the financial support of Fundación Alas de Águila.

  • With this program we achieve:

  • Produce 3D models translated into Bryle of the 20 most common bird species included in the Celebrate the Urban Birds of Mexico (CONABIO) program adapted to the region.

  • Provide dissemination to the ZAVES digital platform with videos of more than 100 species of birds from the region translated into Mexican Sign Language.

  • Carry out summer observation workshops for 50 children, youth and adults with disabilities.

  • Preparation and execution of a business plan to include a program for young entrepreneurs with disabilities in the bird tourism industry, designing products and services adapted to their abilities and needs.

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